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Our site will help you find specific information on vitrually any graduate program. With the importance of higher education shifting towards the necessity of a bachelor's degree, an increasing number of people are looking to graduate school as the way to get a competitive edge in the job market.

Our site follows the "wiki" format that has become very popular due to its collaborative nature. This will allow students, professors, administrators, or anyone with a vested interest in a graduate program to contribute to the content of the site. Ultimately, a large source of information will be available to student's interested in graduate school to find helpful information on any program they are interested in. Program information including courses for the program, requirements for admission, and current research being conducted by faculty and students in the programs. Additionally, the discussion page for each program will allow prospective, current and former students to discuss the programs they are interested in. This dialogue will provide a valuable resource for student's interested in a specific program to get information from real students and faculty, all in one place.

Overall, our goal is to create an open community that will allow prospective graduate students to easily find the information they are looking for about graduate school. Information about admissions, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), degree requirements and much more will soon be available, so make

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